Co-Workers Vie for Sheriff Position

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Friendly competition is exactly what the Burleson County Sheriff's Race amounts to.

Sgt. Dale Stroud and Chief Deputy Mike Brackman have worked side by side at the sheriff's department for years.

Now both of them are running for sheriff because 10-year veteran Sheriff Gene Barber is retiring.

"Both of us work here. We're friends and we're proud of a positive campaign," says Stroud.

"We've known each other for several years. Dale has the same sincere desire to be in law enforcement as I do; we share that common goal," says Brackman.

But although both men are running because they care about Burleson County residents and law enforcement, each says they have something different to offer.

Brackman joined the sheriff's department in 1993. He is the chief investigator and hopes his experience in law enforcement will put voters in his corner.

"The job of sheriff requires leadership abilities, a certain level of experience and dependability. That's what I campaign on," says Brackman.

Stroud joined the department in 1997. He says his leadership and personal approach is what local residents want in a sheriff.

"People want a sheriff they can approach that they can come up and talk to and has an open door policy," says Stroud.

But both candidates agree that keeping the campaign clean and fair has been a priority.

On advice from Sheriff Barber, they are the example of how a politician should handle the competition.