Iraqi Prisoner Abuse Pre-Trials At Fort Hood

A military judge today ordered the former Commander of U.S. Prisons in Iraq to testify at the trial of a soldier charged with abuses at Abu Ghraib.

The hearings are being held at Fort Hood.

The judge did say testimony from Brigadier General Janice Karpinski would be limited to conditions at Abu Ghraib and the interaction there between guards and military interrogators.

He made the ruling during a hearing for Sgt. Javal Davis. Charges against the New Jersey man include conspiracy to maltreat detainees, assault, dereliction of duty for failing to protect detainees from abuse and lying in official statements.

A hearing for Specialist Charles Graner Junior of Pennsylvania is set for
Monday. He is expected to seek dismissal of charges on grounds of undue command influence.

A pre-trial hearing is also being held today for Specialist
Sabrina Harman. She was photographed standing behind naked, hooded Iraqis stacked in a human pyramid.