Tragic Accident Kills One-Year-Old

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A family and their church in Anderson were struck by tragedy Sunday afternoon when a 14-month-old child was run over in his driveway.

Dan Schoessow is the reverend at Zion Lutheran, and he and his wife, Courtney, have their home next to the church. Dan was mowing the lawn around 3:30 PM, while Courtney and their son, Micah, were in the front yard playing.

The Schoessow home and the church share a driveway. A church member who was attending a meeting there was leaving via that driveway in her Chevy Tahoe. She stopped to talk to Courtney; Micah was running around the front lawn.

The driver and Courtney spoke for a few moments, all while Courtney was keeping an eye on Micah. When a couple more vehicles drove up behind the Tahoe wanting to exit the drive, the two said goodbye to each other. Courtney had looked away for a couple seconds. The Tahoe slowly began pulling away, and the right front tire rolled over Micah, who had made his way onto the driveway unbeknownst to his mother or the driver.

Courtney immediately called 911, and an emergency responder arrived within five minutes. An ambulance arrived shortly thereafter, and a helicopter was dispatched to take the child to a medical facility. Resuscitation attempts failed, and with the helicopter seven minutes out, Micah died of his injuries.

Church members, many who were attending a meeting there, and some who witnessed the incident, came to the scene to console the visibly-shaken family.

Micah was the only child of the Schoessows.