A&M Police Complete Hazing Investigation

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Texas A&M University police have finished its investigation into possible hazing violations in Texas A&M University’s Corps of Cadets.

Elmer Schneider, University Police Interim Director, said Monday, he has turned his report over to Brazos County Attorney Jim Kuboviak.

Kuboviak has not completed his investigation, he said Monday evening, but based on his preliminary examination of the case, he does not think criminal charges are appropriate.

However, Kuboviak stressed, he reserves the right to change his mind if further details emerge.

The Texas A&M Commandant's Office and the Office of Student Life are also investigating the November 22 incident, in which officials say a cadet from F-2 received eight stitches in his finger after being bound with duct tape.

Senior Corps Commander John Huffman temporarily stepped down from his position until the investigation is over, saying he is too close to those involved in the matter.