Hot Halloween Costumes

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In just a few days, the streets will be filled with ghosts and goblins, and houses will turn haunted. It's Halloween, a time to play dress up, and almost every year a hot new costume emerges.

"They've been all over the board this year. It seems like the boys are going for the action heroes. Spiderman, Superman, that type of stuff. Girls are going princess and fairies. A lot of Shrek and that of type stuff," said Chris Jones, a costume shop manager.

People are even getting costumes for their pets. But before you and your little ones go trick or treating, make sure you follow a few safety tips.

"Have light colored costumes, and have flashlights with you. If you have a mask, make sure that they can see through it o.k. We don't want to block their vision," said John Campbell with the College Station Police Department.

Police also suggest inspecting your child's candy. For older children, parents should know the route they're taking and what time they'll be home.

"Make sure that they are familiar with the neighborhood that they are trick or treating in and don't go up to any houses that are dark," said Campbell.

There is still plenty of time to find that perfect costume. The Halloween Bootique at Post Oak Mall has a wide selection and covers all Halloween needs.

"We have fog machines, we have big scarecrows. We have infant costumes that will fit a two-year-old, anything you want," said Jones.