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Cigarette Bandits Cross County Lines

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A new lead to a series of convenience store burglaries plaguing the Brazos Valley has local investigators working together to catch the crooks.

Two Black Males caught on surveillance tape have law enforcement from Grimes, Walker and Brazos Counties hot on their trail.

"The suspects entered by breaking the window, clearing the glass out with the trash can. Entering the store with the trash can," says Walker County Sheriff's Detective K.C. Chitwood.

Then the thieves fill the trash cans with cigarettes. The method used in burglaries in Walker County has been tied to this one at the Carlos Store in Grimes County. Early Monday morning two black males stole cigarettes and cash estimated at $2500. This particular store has been robbed five times before. Only once did they not catch those responsible.

"Don't steal, it's really not worth it and we'll pursue it until we find them, until we catch them," says Store Manager Julia Flores.

Investigators believe the cigarette bandits are from the area because they took back roads to hit their next target. And they say it's likely someone knows who they are.

"I think somebody in this area will know who it is and I hope they will contact local authorities and pass it on to investigators," says Grimes County Sheriff Don Sowell.

The getaway car was stolen and dumped in Brazos County, involving another sheriff's department in the investigation.

"There's a strong indication that these things happened in Brazos County, ended up in Brazos County, and the suspects are here," says Brazos County Sheriff Chris Kirk.

With cooperation from the public authorities hope to make an arrest in the case and send a clear message to criminals in the Brazos Valley.

If you have any information about these burglaries call Grimes County Crimes Stoppers at 936-873-2000.