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Medicare Drug Discount Card Deadline Approaching

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Seniors looking to save a few dollars on prescriptions only have a few weeks to sign up for the Medicare drug discount card. The program started in June and the deadline to register is December 31st.

If you register for the drug discount card by the end of December, you'll qualify for both the 2004 and the 2005 prescription credit, which would total $1,200.

"I really don't think I would of signed up for it you know, but now I would have," said Medicare recipient Louise Snearly.

Snearly received her card free in the mail. She had no idea she would save so much on her prescription drugs. Before the card she spent about $125 a month on medicine. Now she spends only $53, a $72 savings.

"It saved me so far that much and who knows what the future will hold," said Snearly.

Sylvester Singleton also has a drug discount card. He said it definitely pays off.

"I got a drug that costs $57, but since I got the card I paid only $2 for it.">

Some seniors argue the registration process is too complicated and the savings aren't enough.

"We're finding out that some of the people that we interact with that are on Medicare that are higher income individuals that can afford to have a private insurance, that their private insurance is better than what Medicare has to offer them," said Sara Loeppert with B.V.C.A.A Elder-Aid.

Snearly said her card only discounts certain prescription drugs, but for her, nothing beats paying as low as 55 cents for a 30 day supply of medication.

To register for the Medicare drug discount card visit