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Ejaz family continues to struggle, but friends are helping out

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It's been nearly 3 months since the A&M apartment explosion took 2 lives and now the University and friends of the family are doing their part to help out. A dinner was held Tuesday night at the MSC to raise money for the families medical expenses.

Waqar Mohiuddin is a close friend who came over from Bangladesh with the Ejaz family. He recently visited the family and says each day is a struggle.

Mohiuddin adds, "Last time when I visited her - her hands are still not getting enough strength, even to hold a spoon very well."

Kanta, who was severely burned in the explosion is going through physical therapy and expecting a baby in December. The baby is said to be doing fine. But friends say Kanta's not stable enough to see her daughter Lamiya's grave.

Dawood Al-Asad, another friend says, "The father was released from the hospital and then was taken back to the hospital. They plan to take him to the rehab center for treatment."

After losing his daughter and mother, friends say Saquib is using his strength to get through these hard times.

A friend of Saquib, Arif Chowdhury says they've been supporting the family as best as they can...getting together and visiting with them. Chowdhury adds, "We're making arrangements for getting their family from Bangledesh apply for the visas. Those are the complicated things."

Over $10,000 in t-shirt sales alone have been raised sofar and friends hope the dinner can raise an extra $2500 to give to the family.

The Aggie T-shirts are being sold for $10 and will be sold on campus Wednesday and Thursday from 10am to 2pm near the Rudder fountain.

A luncheon is also planned for Tuesday, November 2nd at 11:30am at the Presidential Conference Center.