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Residence Hall Security

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After the last exam is over, university students are ready to hit the road and escape the college life for a while. But for those living on campus, there's no escaping the worry that comes with leaving behind a dorm full or valuables.

"We've had some burglaries in the past. That is why we're very adamant about checking buildings and residence halls during the holiday break," said A&M Police Sergeant, Allan Baron.

Baron says officers will continue to patrol campus during the nearly month long holiday break. But students shouldn't count on this as their only safeguard to prevent theft.

“We advise students to take any valuables that they have in their rooms home. We advise them to make sure their windows and doors are locked. If they are loading their cars up, we ask them to not leave it alone and to keep the doors locked," said Chareny Rydl with A&M Residence Life.

Police also recommend recording the serial numbers of your valuables and engraving your property with your drivers license number.

But there are always some who just don't think it could ever happen to them.

"I've decided to take home my TV and computer mainly because I want them at home, not so much because I'm worried someone's going to steal my things,” said dorm resident, Kelly Bartoshek.

Even though university police will be watching over dorms and other buildings on campus, there's no guarantee that a break-in won't occur. So the best defense is to pack up all your valuables and take them with you.