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American Politics

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The hot presidential race and American politics in general are catching attention around the world. Even international news organizations are reporting on it.

Sky News, a 24 hour news station in Britain, chose Bryan as the setting for a special piece on American politics.

"We came over here trying to explain to our viewers back home what's going on in the American election," said Adam Boulton, a Sky News political editor.

Interviews with Democrats and Republicans from Bryan and College Station took place at Sue Haswell Park in Bryan. Sky News chose the Brazos Valley for their shoot because they believe it's the heart of Texas. Maggie Charleton is the executive director of the Brazos County Democratic Party and spoke on the Democratic Party platform.

"Take care of our children. Be sure that they have a good education. Take care of our seniors. Make sure they have what they need so they can enjoy their later years in life. Take care of our veterans," said Charleton.

Debbie Capps is a stay at home mom and Republican. She says she is proud to support the Republican Party and President George Bush.

"This is the most important election that we've had in a post 9/11 world. The issues that are at stake in this election are just so high and I believe that the president has the right course of action."

"The program will air on Sky News this Sunday and although it won't be seen in the United States, American political views will be heard.