West Agrees to be Deposed in Romei Case

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A local attorney has agreed to be deposed as part of the on-going P. David Romei saga.

Gaines West will give his side of the story at a date to be determined, though the deposition will happen before January 4 according to West's attorney.

Romei, the former arts council director under indictment accused of stealing arts and city money, wants to know if West violated attorney-client privilege and told the arts council confidential information about Romei. West represented Romei in 2005, then was hired by the arts council in 2007 when Romei was being investigated.

"We've agreed to present Mr. West for deposition," said Terrance Dill, the attorney representing West. "He didn't do anything incorrect or wrong in this case, and he's certainly got nothing to hide."

The original filing of the petition by Romei's attorneys was invalid, but later corrected. Dill says a verified petition was not filed, and that proper notification was not given to the district attorney's office. Romei's legal team later filed a verified petition, and Dill says he notified the DA's office himself.

"I'm not sure waht the relationship is between these incident proceedings and the criminal matter," Dill said. "However, I thought it was important that the district attorney, who is an obviously interested party, be notified of these proceedings."

Romei has pled not guilty to four indictments.