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Early Voting Numbers Are High

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Early voter turnout in Brazos county has been huge. Not sure if its interest in the local races or the presidential one but there has been a noticeable difference.

The county clerks office has been staying busy since early voting began last week. It seems like Brazos County residents are getting out to vote and the numbers are increasing.

Karen McQueen, Brazos County Clerk says ,"Its amazing the number of people that are coming out and voting that are interested--compared to elections we've had in the past."

As of Wednesday, more than 14-thousand people have cast early voting ballots. That number has doubled since the last presidential election in 2000.

McQueen adds, "I hear people talk about the presidential race, the congressional and local. I'm not sure, I think it’s a combination of everything that's made them come out."

The majority of voters have gone to the College Station Utilities.
But whatever the reason may be...voters we spoke to are just glad people are turning out to the polls.

Will Anderson, an early voters says, "I think its about time people exercise the rights to vote. It's a part of our duty."

Another early voter, Todd Carnes adds, "The more people come out and vote, the better."

Be prepared to wait about half an hour. A tip for helping speed along the process is to bring your voter registration card. However, polling sites take other forms of identification, including a driver's license.

With double the voters this election year. It's advised to take advantage of these next few days of early voting to avoid even longer lines on November 2nd.