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So Far 2004 is the 5th Wettest Year in Brazos County History

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Statistics show that 2004 is the 5th wettest year in Brazos County history. The county is 15 hundredths of an inch away from being the 4th wettest.

"A combination of a weak El Nino and favorable patterns elsewhere make us likely to have continued wet weather," said Texas State Climatologist John Nielsen-Gammon.

The down pours have left some construction firms and farmers hustling to finish jobs.

Bob Colwell with the Texas Department of Transportation said no highway construction projects have missed deadline. But, TxDot maintenance workers have had their hands full.

"Once that water has receded it leaves behind a lot of...it loosens the material and therefore it caused a lot of potholes. So therefore, we have to go in and patch those so our maintenance crews have been very busy this year," said Colwell.

Agriculture producers aren't having an easy time either.

Some cotton crops are still out in the field. Brazos County extension agent Eric Zimmerman said wet weather has made it impossible to harvest cotton.

The rain also caused fungus and other diseases to infest this year's watermelon crop.

Even the nutritional value of hay has been water-logged.

"The quality of our forage, hay production, poundage was okay, but the crude protein, the actual nutrient value was a little less from what we've had last year as far as an average value," said Zimmerman.

But, don't let this year's rain get you down. Climatologists say there's a silver lining to this rain cloud.

"It's nice to have all of the rain to recharge the ponds and fill up the soil with water because it makes us more resilient when it comes time for the hot weather next summer," said Nielsen-Gammon.