Court's Saddlery to Rebuild, Location To Be Determined

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It's been a week since a historic building in Downtown Bryan burned to the ground.

Now there are questions about the company's future.

Court's Saddlery has said they do intend to rebuild...but the question is where?

News 3 has learned they likely will not be coming back to Downtown Bryan

While the business would never have been forced out of Downtown Bryan because it had been grandfathered in, it now appears the fire will keep them from coming back to the same location.

Life is still not back to normal for Kathy Court and her family in Bryan.

"The numbness is wearing off. reality is setting in a lot of hard work," said Kathy Court, co-owner of Court's Saddlery.

Her family's livelihood went on the line last Sunday night when the Court's Saddlery Building burned to the ground during a two alarm fire on North Main Street.

"We will rebuild. We will. Right now we're not exactly sure where. We haven't got all of those details worked out but we are rebuilding. We are going to get in a temporary building as soon as possible. Get up and running hopefully in 60-90 days, earlier if we possibly can," Court said.

"No, Just hope everything is contained and they'll be hopefully back up and running with the new building we hope," said Bryan Mayor Jason Bienski, during a January 9th interview.

News 3 spoke with Mayor Jason Bienski the night of the fire and has learned since then that having the factory back in Downtown Bryan will likely not happen.

Bryan Interim City Manager Kean Register spoke with Jimmy Court the day after the fire.

"He had told me that several years ago during the downtown redevelopment the city had come and talked to him about the possibility of or lack of possibility of him being able to continue manufacturing downtown. He was of course grandfathered in but if anything were to happen to his building he would need to move," said Kean Register, Bryan Interim City Manager.

Kathy Court said the reality of not being back in Downtown is disappointing.

"Yes because our history is here. Everything we've been and become over the last 53 years is in this building. I mean it's everything we've grown to be," Court said.

Now the family is focusing on rebuilding and getting all of their nearly 40 employees back to work.

"It is a setback but we will get up everyday and dust our self off and face the day and start over again until we get completely back to where we need to be," Kathy Court said.

While plans to rebuild are still pending, Kathy Court told News 3 wherever they rebuild, it will be in Bryan.

The cause of the fire remains under investigation but investigators believe it was accidental.

Bryan Mayor Jason Bienski told News 3 Monday the city will do all it can to assist the Courts in their rebuilding efforts.