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Alleged "List-Eater" Files Assault Charges

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"List-Eater-gate" is the story that just won't go away.
Police say the alleged list-eater filed assault charges against an individual who she says grabbed her wrist and face Thursday at Camp Cotton at Kyle Field.

The woman filed the complaint late Thursday with Texas A&M University Police.

University Police Interim Director Elmer Schneider is considering whether or not to release the woman's name.

Witnesses say the woman cut in the front of students waiting in line to purchase Cotton Bowl tickets for the game between Texas A&M and Tennessee.

Students had been keeping a roll-call list and witnesses say the girl grabbed the list, and ate it.

But she says she didn't.

The woman in question called KBTX Thursday night and said she did put the list in her mouth but didn't swallow.

She regrets what happened but feels she didn't do anything wrong.

The woman was sold tickets, which prompted the crowd to start suggesting that she eat them.