The Property of a Historic Cafe Could Be Changing Owners

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Café Eccell opened its doors in 1989 and since that time has become a local favorite.

For years people have flocked to the tiny building next to the tracks in College Station for a one of a kind upscale meal. But the historic building housing Café Eccell may be changing owners.

It also stands out because the restaurant is housed in what was College Station's first city hall. But the future of Cafe' Eccell is up in the air.

The property owner is the city of College Station, and it's getting ready to sell the land to Game Day Center who wants to build condos in Northgate.

Café Eccell owner Costa Dallis says he's not worried about the change in landlords. He says he expects Game Day to honor the lease he has with the city although he wouldn't disclose the terms of the lease.

Game Day Center wouldn't comment on the future of Café Eccell saying it hasn't made any decisions at this time.