Construction Woes

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Shoppers and employees of the developing Tejas Center in Bryan are experiencing growing pains. Not only are there limited parking spaces due to construction, many drivers are concerned about the flow of traffic around the center, specifically the busy Texas Avenue and Villa Maria intersections.

"Lately it has been really difficult getting in and out with the traffic and it's getting a little dangerous trying to take a left out of this place," said Stephanie Richmond, a frequent shopper."

You're really not supposed to make a left. The two intersections had to be" right in and right out" to meet TXDOT guidelines. The city and developers took that into consideration when coming up with the design and believe they have a solution.

A new traffic signal will be installed at the corner of Elm and Texas Avenue and this driveway will be another entrance and exit into the shopping center. It will also take you to the front of the center.

The existing signal at Texas Avenue and Wayside will be replaced and a turning lane will be added. New sidewalks will also be along Texas and Villa Maria, giving shoppers walking access to all parts of the center.

"Go ahead and follow the construction signage around the site and know that the access will improve. Once the new signals go in, you'll have great, safe access to the site," said Paul Kasper, Bryan Assistant City Engineer.

The Tejas Center is expected to be completed by December or early next year. Until then, the city hopes drivers can be patient and safe.