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Twin City Provides Warm Shelter

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Twin City Missions Shelter is preparing for a full house these next few days with the cold temperatures headed our way.

Jiggs Breedlove has been living at Twin City Mission for sometime.

"I slept on the sidewalk, in patches of branches when it was raining," says Breedlove.

And with the expected freezing temperatures over the next few days, the shelter will be having its hands full, but it's fully prepared.

Ron Crozier, Director of Community Relations for Twin City Mission says, "We've brought in extra mattresses, blankets and pillows."

The 54-bed shelter provides a temporary home for those in a bad position. Crozier says they've housed about 55 homeless people in the past several weeks and are expecting the numbers to rise by the end of the week.

Crozier adds, "We're here to provide a home to the homeless, be a friend to the friend-less and hope to the hopeless. When it’s below 30 degrees and your living out on the streets, you're looking for all three."

Those who need Twin City come from all parts of the country at all times of the day. But regardless of their circumstances, they'll always find an open door.

"We're open 24/7 and we never turn anyone away. We'll always have space for anyone who comes for shelter," says Crozier.

The shelter is running out of room and is ready to improve their facilities and services to a larger area. In early November, the Twin Cities board decided its time to relocate from their downtown location in Bryan.