Cartoon Causes Racism Accusations at SHSU

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Dan Rather is no longer the hot topic on Sam Houston State's campus. It's now a cartoon that's not getting many laughs. The creators say it was intended as a joke--bashing racism. But Calvin Davis, President of the student chapter of NAACP didn't find it funny.

Davis adds, "On an already racially divided campus putting something in the paper race sensitive can divide even more when we're quest for unity."

The cartoon was published in last Thursdays' edition of the Houstonian, the university's paper, after receiving complaints that coverage of the homecoming king and queen was racist--because both were African American. Cartoonist, Randy Goins said the only picture available was of the the king was not mentioned at all.

Goins adds, "By pulling the race card because we're white is as racist as what a klan member would do."

Davis expressed in a letter to President James Gaetner, the cartoon was disrespectful to the people who fought for black equality.

Davis continues to say, "They sparked racial tension on campus which was unnecessary and could have been prevented by not putting the cartoon in the paper."

Goins says, "I wanted to make a humorous joke out of it. It was misconstrude totally."

Eric Barton, Editor in Chief of the Houstonian says the cartoon was on the editorial page, with a disclaimer that says the individual viewpoints of this page or what is said is not affiliated with the Houstonian or Sam Houston State University.

Barton adds, "You can't please everybody. If you did, you wouldn't be a good newspaper that's what it comes down to."

This cartoon has raised more issues than intended. A debate will be take place with both representatives from NAACP and the Houstonian. It will air on the university's cable station next week.