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Drivers Fill Up on Cheaper Gas

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Lately, if you've checked into gas stations in the Brazos Valley and checked out the prices, your checkbook probably hasn't looked too bad when you leave. The days of the nearly $2 gallon are a thing of the past, at least for now.

According to experts, the massive demand for oil over the summer caused a massive surge in production by OPEC. In fact, a million barrels more than their formal 27 million per day were produced.

But the demand has lessened over the winter, and now there appears to be a fairly large surplus. OPEC will now curtail that extra million barrel production, with Saudi Arabia scheduled to cut half a million of that.

At a $1.70 per gallon average, Texas is 13 cents below the national average. Over the past month, the price of gas in the state has dropped 13 cents, which has drivers literally turning their heads.

"I was just going to get some gas and was sitting at the stop sign and saw it was cheaper than normal, so I stopped here," said Rebecca Tucker.

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