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Madisonville Sergeant Wants His Job Back

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A Madisonville police sergeant is hoping to get his job back after petitioning an employment appeal to the city.

Jody Navarro, a former Madisonville sergeant, says he was fired after asking the Texas Rangers to investigate allegations that his four-year-old daughter was sexually assaulted on a school bus.

The city claims Navarro resigned. But city leaders are willing to listen to his side of the story at their council meeting Tuesday night, even though, they say, no action will be taken.

"I just hope they understand why I did what I did as a father not a police officer," says Navarro.

Now, the community is getting involved. Edna Benware, a life-long resident, has hit the streets asking neighbors to sign if they think Navarro should be rehired. So far, she's gotten more than 200 signatures.

"I would like to appear before city council and have the chief and city manager there and discuss this with them, what would they do if this was their child?" says Benware.

Navarro hopes the community support will make a difference. But the petition won't be presented to council until the next meeting, in January. Before that, Navarro and Police Chief George Sweetin will meet with the City Manager Wednesday morning.

The city declined to comment on Wednesday's hearing, but City Manager Tom Ginter does say he will be listening to both sides and hopefully bringing some closure.