Economists Shocked By Rise in Jobless Claims

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The number of jobless claims in the third week of October was higher than economists expected. It rose by 20,000 claims.

The holidays are approaching, and it's typically the season for lay-offs as business slows down.

"If you're having some doubts and questions about what your company is doing then it's always a good idea to have your resume ready and just get your feelers out there," said Cheryl Kocman with the Human Resource Connection.

Kocman said it's not going to be easy to find jobs this time of year.

But, there is temporary holiday work in the retail sector.

"Get dressed up one day and go to the mall and hit the stores as far as if you want to work in a retail establishment. Get your name out there now, start now because they're hiring now and they're training now," said Kocman.

For office job seekers it may be a long search. Kocman said you'll probably have better luck next year.

"A lot of companies just don't hire during Christmas. They'll have people move and leave and just put it off untill the first of the year so as far as office positions, it is just slow. So don't loose hope," said Kocman.