Celebrating 20 Years of Technology, Equipment, Cardiac Patient Care

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As the St. Joseph Regional Health Center celebrates 20 years of cardiac care in the Brazos Valley, doctors reflect on some of the biggest technology advancements the program has seen in the past two decades.

"The equipment is just light years ahead as you can imagine with the digital technology that's become available," Cardiologist Dr. Gordon Mitchell said. "We have all our films done digitally they're stored digitally."

A lot has changed in St. Joseph's Heart Program since it opened its doors in 1987.

"We've grown immensely in twenty years," Cardiac Cath Lab Director Ed Lovas said. "We started off in one single lab we're up to four cardiac suites now."

The cath lab is just one place where advancements in technology, equipment and care have made a drastic impact on the lives of cardiac patients in the Brazos Valley.

"We started off with just an angioplasty which is just a balloon treatment. We've gone from metal stents to drug eluting stents."

"I think the thing that has impacted patient care is a lot of the electrophysiology equipment and devices that are now available, especially the devices that pace both ventricles, and offer people who've had very poor heart function and heart failure another shot at life."

Doctors say its those advancements which have not only expanded the hospital, but their client base as well, attracting people not only from the twin cities but all across the region.

"We're now able to stop people from having heart attacks, our goal is to treat every person within 90 minutes of getting into the ER with an acute Myocardial Infarction or heart attack and we're very proud of those numbers. "