Brazos County Declares Adoption Day

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Local leaders banded together as new families were formed. All were a part of the first ever Brazos County Adoption Day.

Representatives from Brazos County and the Twin Cities made the decree Friday, just minutes after the adoptions of six children by three families was finalized at the Brazos County Courthouse.

Among the kids were twins Benjamin and Jacob, who now have a new home. Craig and Nancy Reagan now have two new bundles of joy.

"Never dreamed we'd get infants, let along siblings, let alone twins, so we were very blessed and very pleased to get them," Craig said. "They're very happy together."

"We've been the child's parents up until this point, and we're delighted, frankly, to get rid of them, get them sent off to safe, permanent homes," said Chris Van Deusen with Family and Protective Services.

That agency and Voices of Children helped put together the ceremonial event

"There are 53 children right now in the Brazos Valley who are in need of an adoptive home," Van Deusen said. "Those are children who are in our custody because of abuse or neglect, parental rights have been terminated, and they're just waiting for that permanent placement."

Among those in attendance were State Representative Fred Brown, himself an adopted child. When he was two, an American family adopted him from a German orphanage.

"They're going to learn how much they were really wanted, that people went out and actually found them and wanted them to be a part of their family and wanted to be their parents growing up," Brown said of the children adopted Friday. "It's a neat feeling."

All those in attendance expressed their hope that Friday's ceremony and the adoptions that went along with would encourage local families to adopt from their own backyard.

"People think so many times of adopting from foreign countries and don't even stop to think there are children right here, not just in the big cities in Texas, not in New York or LA or Houston or Dallas, but right here in Bryan/College Station who need a permanent home," Van Deusen said.

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