B.I.S.D Informs Voters About Bond Package

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The number of students at Bryan High School is nearing full capacity. The school district's solution includes $46 million of taxpayer money to build a second high school.

"We don't have a choice, take a look at the situation as it is right now," said parent Barbara Henry.

The proposal is included in the $104 million bond package. Bryan ISD administrators are holding a series of public hearings on the bond election, but the issue is nothing new. For more than ten years the idea of a second high school has been kicked around.

"There's been a lot of talk about it a lot of research, and so there's a lot of work that goes in to it before you take stuff to the voters," said superintendent Mike Cargill.

Part of the high school experience centers around athletics. That's why there's talk that building a second Bryan high school could possibly hurt one of the school district's most unifying and popular events.

"There's a certain segment in the community that understands that if you split the high schools, you may in fact devalue the athletic teams from the standpoint that there won't be as many students from which to pick football, basketball, baseball teams with," said resident Chip Howard.

Howard thinks the debate over athletics has played a small role in the issue taking years to go to ballot. While it's an expensive initiative, some parents are excited to see it finally happen.

"The smaller the school, the smaller the classrooms, the better the kids do, so I think right now what it comes down to is an investment in our kids and I'm willing to pay for it," said parent Kean Register.

The question is whether others are too. The answer will come February 26th, when the ballots are finally counted.

B.I.S.D. has plans to hold more public hearings on the bond election, but has not announced when those might be.