Bryan Visitor Center May Be Completed in a Year

The plans for a Bryan visitor center are still only on paper, but things are starting to take shape. The City of Bryan and TxDot will request bids for the facility on Tuesday.

This is what the future holds, a roughly 3,000 square foot visitor center, equipped with office space and a museum that will house historical exhibits.

"It was felt that this would be a good addition to the efforts that are being made in Downtown, and it would give visitors a place to stop," said project coordinator Danny Krc.

The Hoppess family donated the land to the city in 2001 to build the center. The land is known as Coulter Square because one of Bryan's original founders, John William Coulter bought it in 1871.

It's taken over four years to get this project running, and with the help of TxDot, it's almost underway.

"We're looking for a contractor that can build this project for us, come in under budget, and hopefully, by this time next year, we'll be celebrating the opening of the Bryan visitors center and museum," said Darla Walton with TxDot.

TxDot is looking to house a museum in the building, so it is willing to give Bryan 80 percent of the money needed for the facility.

About a year ago, there was talk of a joint community center on Texas Avenue to be shared by Texas A&M University and the surrounding area. But that discussion has subsided.

"The community center would just be too far away from the center of downtown to be usable so since we already had the property and also had the grant as well, we decided to go forward with the project," said Krc.

And if bidding goes off as planned, residents and travelers will be able to stop off at the new center in downtown Bryan by January 2006.