No Major Meltdowns, Voting Nationwide Fairly Smooth

According to a nonpartisan research group, there are no "major meltdowns" being seen Tuesday in the voting process. But the group says there are plenty of small problems reported.

Scattered precincts in Florida, Louisiana, South Carolina, New Jersey and elsewhere reported problems with new touch-screen voting machines. In many cases, paper ballots were used as substitutes. In one case, voters were reportedly told to come back later.

Voters in at least one precinct in Houston, TX had to suffer through the frustrations of Election Day when they showed up to cast their ballots Tuesday morning. Almost half of the machines at the location were broken.

Most voters had to wait almost two-hours to cast their ballots. Officials were trying to determine what was wrong with the voting machines.

There were also problems reported with voter lists. In Albany, New York, an analyst with the state Board of Elections found herself crossed off. She says if she weren't so familiar with the system, she would've been intimidated and likely have left without casting her ballot.

Some voters in Pompano Beach, Florida, who didn't get their absentee ballots were improperly given provisional ballots, and it's unclear if those votes will count.