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Turner Defeats Meece

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Incumbent Bill Turner has clearly won the race to keep his seat as Brazos County District Attorney.

He praised his 21 years of experience as a key to winning this race. Election night, Turner said he was very happy with his campaign.

"I've just been so impressed and so happy with the number of good supporters we had, high school kids, college kids, knocking door to door, signing postcards, loaning the name to endorsements, just a real good feeling to connect with so many people in the community," said Turner.

Turner's opponent, Patrick Meece was at the Galleria Plaza with his supporters election night watching the votes come in.

He said he wouldn't change a thing about the way he ran his campaign.

"I'm disappointed in the outcome, however I respect democracy. I'm proud to have played a part in this democratic process to inform the voters and give them information that they've never had before. And, I will accept the voters' decision," said Meece.

Turner said he's excited to get back to prosecution and start charting the course for his next four years as district attorney.