Edwards Wins

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Representative Chet Edwards pulled out a close victory over his rival republican Arlene Wohlgemuth. Neither campaign wanted to accept or concede until early in the morning. It was clear early in the evening however, that Edwards had carried Brazos County -- the county many saw as a make or break county in order to win.

Edwards spent most of the day in Brazos County at Texas A&M meeting with students and rallying supporters. He originally had only planned to spend a couple of hours in the Brazos Valley but ended up staying until early evening. Campaign spokesperson Selena Shilad said Edwards felt as though he was making headway, meeting with nearly a thousand students.

State Representative Arlene Wohlgemuth spent election day morning in Crawford as President Bush voted. She headed to her election headquarters in Waco where dozens of volunteers worked the phones to get supporters out to vote.

Both candidates spent election night in Waco waiting out returns.

Edwards carried McLennan County and Brazos County.