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Water Woes

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For almost a week, some College Station apartment residents have gone without water.

Now, they say they're fed up and want to know why the problem hasn't been fixed.

When Tameika Ray was notified Friday that a water line had burst at her apartment complex, she never anticipated the ordeal it's become.

"I understand that things happen, but four days without water, that's crazy," says Ray.

Residents in six buildings at the Cedar Creek Condos in College Station have not had water since Friday.

Because the water line is privately owned, the city is not responsible for repairs.

In a statement, Cedar Creek Condos says it has hired three different plumbing contractors and the leak was repaired Saturday evening but it burst again when the water was turned back on.

"I feel like they should have been working until the water was on the same day. I mean, how can you inconvenience somebody without water for four days and not say I'm sorry, here's the problem," says Ray.

The residents without water have been coming to another apartment to go to the bathroom and shower but they say the filthy conditions are an even bigger inconvenience.

"We've been packing water from another apartment to here but that's hard because I have to boil water for the baby and take the kids over there to use the restroom and take a bath," says Ray.

Ray says she expected more from the complex than the use of a facility that's five buildings away from her apartment and has a dirty sink, tub and what she calls unsanitary conditions.

The Health department says there is no health risk at this time and city crews were able to fix the water pipe late Monday afternoon, but for Tameika Ray's family, the solution couldn't come soon enough.

"They need to do something and hurry up to do it."