Fmr CS Chief's Review Threatened Discipline, Termination

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The final job performance review of former College Station Police Chief Michael Clancey may have foreshadowed the end of his time with the department.

In July, city officials gave Clancey 18 points where they believed he could improve, then said that if he didn't to their satisfaction, he could be disciplined or fired.

Those points include communicating a clear vision to the department, maximizing what the department has before asking for new staff, stepping up and making critical decisions, increasing communication skills, understanding the executing the city's philosophy, and moving the organization to the next level.

That point is one of the only ones expanded upon in the report. Among other things, Clancey was told to think beyond just increasing staff levels, change the way the city polices, evaluate our practices, stand out from the crowd, and raise the bar.

"Critical progress must be made on these improvement and developmental areas," the evaluation reads. "The Police Department is at a critical juncture and must ahve the leadership necessary to take it to the next level.

"Mike must demonstrate his ability to make this happen during this 4 month timeframe," the report continues. "If our confidence in his ability to lead this department decreases before this timeframe has been satisfied, disciplinary action up to and including termination will take place immediately."

Assistant City Manager Kathy Merrill and City Manager Glenn Brown were listed as evaluators in the report dated July 20.

That review was in stark contrast to two previous performance reviews in 2006 and 2005, where Clancey got very high marks for the job he was doing. Only Brown's signature appeared on those first two reviews.

He received mostly A's and never less than a B on all reviewed aspects of his performance. In March of 2006, he was called a tremendous asset to the management team. The city was fortunate to have gotten him, the review said.

Maybe most ironically, in September 2005, on the topic of department development, the review reads, "He is truly going to take the department to the next level."

Clancey has said it was leadership differences that lead him to retire immediately on October 26, but said he had no ill will towards the city.

"Ultimately, it's the decision of the city manager on where they want to take the city," Clancey said in an interview earlier this month. "I completely honor that and respect that."

Clancey touted the hiring of 15 officers and 18 staff members, as well as maintaining national accreditation. He also was proud of the department's decision to change to 12-hour shifts, as well as their look at geographic policing.

"Have I made some mistakes? Sure, everybody does," Clancey said. "Any CEO, whether you're in public or private service, you make mistakes, but no, I have no regrets at all."

Clancey has said the parting between he and the city was amicable. His retirement was immediate, though he will be paid January 31, 2008.

The following are the listed "Opportunities for improvement and Development:" on the 2007 job review:

- Needs to communicate a clear vision to the department
- Find ways to utilize talent within the department
- Move the organization to the next level
- Recognize the need to attract and retain talent
- Make fundamental changes to the way we police
- Increase accountability of staff
- Maximzie what we have before requesting new staff
- Step up and make critical decisions for the department
- Don't over analyze
- Need to increase credibility
- Needs to increase communication skills
- Must follow through
- Must be prepared
- Needs to have more visibility in the community, on the team, and in your department
- Needs to understand and execute the philosophy of the City Manger's (sic) office
- Needs to understand and follow reporting relationships
- Needs to keep the City Manager's office informed
- Needs to collaborate with appropriate staff on disciplinary actions ( Legal, HR, Assistant City Manager)

The following are the grades and comments from the March 2006 job evaluation of Clancey:

- Managing Departmental Performance: "Meets expectations"
- Strategic Plan Implementation: "Meets expectations"
- Continuous Improvement: "Exceeds expectations"
- Service Excellence: "Exceeds expectations"
- Communication: A-
- Interdependent Relationships: B+
- Conflict Management: B
- Problem Solving: A
- Leadership: A
- Development of People: A+
- Innovating/Visionary Thinking: A-

"Mike is a tremendous asset to the City of College Station Police Department and the Management Team. The City of College Station is fortunate that we attracted someone of his caliber. ... Bottom line, Mike does a very good job, runs a good department, and he and his staff provide excellent customer service. I am proud that Mike Clancey is the Police Chief for College Station."

The following are the grades and comments from the September 2005 Performance Feedback Report of Clancey:

- Administrative: A
- Productivity: A
- Integrative: B+
- Development: A

"The City of College Station was fortunate to attract Mike as chief. He brings a high level of professionalism to an already professional department."