Poinsettias Being Poisonous is Folklore, Experts Say

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Christmas holidays are signaled with the poinsettias put on display.

However, some may be reluctant to use the tropical plant as a decoration in their homes because it has long been believed that they are poisonous.

Gardening experts at this weekend's Poinsettia Celebration say that is not the case.

Texas A&M professor and Extension Horticulturist Doug Welsh says a study conducted close to 20 years ago by Ohio State University found that poinsettias are not dangerous.

"It has a white sap to it, which may be irritating if you put it in your eye or on your mouth or your tongue," Welsh said. "But other than that, it's certainly not poisonous.

Welsh was on hand at this year's Poinsettias Celebration to sign copies of his new book that was recently released. The book is entitled "Dough Welsh's Texas Garden Almanac."

Readers will find tips, along with the ins and outs of gardening discovered by Welsh during his career.

The almanac is available at nurseries and book stores, including the one on A&M's campus.