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Looking for Salvation This Holiday

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For the third time, theives have hit the Brazos Valley Salvation Army. As police search for clues, the charity is trying to cope with losing money they were counting on.

Captain Henry Houston, with the Salvation Army says, "The shortage of kettles plus losing this puts us behind. We just need more help now more than ever."

An organization used to helping people in need is having to turn people away after the Salvation Army office was burglarized...again. This is the third time the agency has been burglarized since moving to its new location in June.

This time, a number of rooms were ransacked after someone broke into one of the office doors this weekend. The only thing stolen was a safe. But while the safe can be replaced, the approximately $20,000 of cash and checks that were locked inside can't.

"The checks would have helped people throughout Christmas, and that's what hurts is somebody has taken away from somebody else." says Houston.

Due to lack of funds, Houston was forced to use his own money to purchase an almost 900 pound safe. Further adding salt to the wound, the Salvation Army is set to begin its toy distribution Tuesday with an angel tree program that hasn't been doing well. The stolen money was going to help some of those needy families during this holiday season.

"We have to do something; we'll have to find money somewhere." says Houston.

An alarm system is being donated by a local company to hopefully prevent this from happening again. And Houston is holding firm to his belief that the good-will of the community will prevail over the latest fall-out.

The Salvation Army moved to their new home six months ago. But despite the recent break-in, Houston says he has no plans to re-locate.

If you would like to donate, you can call the Salvation Army at 979.361.0618.