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Local reaction to Presidential Election

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It was another exciting election night....both nationally and on the local level. President Bush gets another 4 years in the White House, and that's makes the local republicans pleased with the outcome.

David Kent, the Brazos County Republican Chairman says, "It was an important election and I felt the Republican party did well locally, on the state level and national level. I think its a real plus."

Many Brazos Valley residents stayed up and watched the votes coming in. For a while it looked like the battle for the White House might play out in the courts. But after more numbers came in, it became obvious President Bush would serve a second term.

Sarah Seefeldt, a student at Texas A&M was worried it could be another Florida situation. "I was thinking we were gonna have a recount in one of the states. So i'm really pleased in the way it turned out---i'm pleased that Bush won." Seefeldt adds.

John Kerry conceded Wednesday morning after realizing the number of provisional ballots in Ohio were simply not enough to give him any reasonable chance of winning the state.

Russell Breland, a voter from Bryan is glad Kerry conceded, and adds, "I would of liked to seen a winner by midnight but now they conceded and hopefully not taking it to courts. I think it's a lot better for our country."

Despite the difference in opinions of local voters, everyone seems to agree on one thing...They're just glad it wasn't another Florida fiasco.