The Truth Behind the Star of Bethlehem is Revealed

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The Bible says a star carried a message from God. In the book of Matthew, the three wise men followed the star of Bethlehem to the manger where Jesus was born. But, is this tale a legend manufactured by the early church or really a miracle?

Lawyer and former professor Rick Larson said it's no myth and it solidifies God's presence.

"It says that he's been running the universe from the beginning of time and I don't mean sort of running it, I mean precisely running it and that's why the star demonstrates his sovereignty to such a degree it's shocking," said Larson.

Larson didn't come up with his proof out of nowhere. It all started one Christmas when he tried to recreate the birth of Christ with statues in his yard.

"My little daughter who was probably knee high at that point, she said we got to have a star, where's the star dad, where's the star. So daddy had to figure out how to make a star and that made me start asking questions," said Larson.

In his presentations, Larson describes how he found the answers. It's based on mathematics and with a computer program he's able to map celestial patterns from biblical times. Larson takes you on a journey from the birth of Christ to his death, by mapping the star of Bethlehem and showing evidence of the lunar eclipse during the crucifixion. Even sceptics are affected.

"It's surprising to the degree to which both people who believe and those who say the don't are moved and impressed by the presentation," said Larson.

It's a scientific adventure, that if nothing else, is fascinating.

Larson will present his findings in a free presentation Thursday night in Rudder Auditorium at seven.