Precautions to Take During Freezing Temperatures

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It may not be snowing here, but the freezing temperatures can be dangerous.

If your going to be out and about be sure to check the road conditions. Watch the way you drive too. It's good to leave plenty of room for stopping, watch for slippery bridges and it's also advised you don't use cruise control.

Your pets need special care too. Remember, anti-freeze and de-icing salts can be deadly to them. Make sure your pets have a warm place to get out of the weather. Something you might not think about is food, it takes extra calories to stay warm.

"When it's cold out please give your pets extra food maybe add some calorie rich wet food, can food to the diet," said Erica Lynett with the Brazos Animal Shelter.

The last thing you might want to check on is your pipes, be sure they are wrapped and insulated.