Capital Murder Trial Continues

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Prosecutors continue to unravel what went on behind closed doors between a Grimes County Woman and her murdered husband. Thursday, friends described her relationship as a “marriage of convenience.”

According to prosecutors the motive is money.

Sherry Smith is accused of gunning down her husband Carey Smith and his elderly father Charles in 2002.

Prosecutors say Smith would inherit money and land from the murders.

Thursday, several co-workers took the stand and testified Smith was content with her situation as long as she had a checkbook. But according to one friend, Smith didn't love her husband and slept in a separate room.

Defense attorneys say Smith was taking care of her husband and father-in-law and had no reason to murder for money.

Smith's ex-husband Daniel Gardner is expected to testify against her Friday. He is also accused of assisting in the crime.

Gardner agreed to a plea bargain with the state. He is expected to pin point Smith as the mastermind.

The district attorney has decided not to seek the death penalty.