Is the Animal Industries Building at A&M Haunted?

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On the Texas A&M University campus is a building like no other.

The animal heads that look down from the second story of the Animal Industries Building are an eerie glimpse into the past, a time when slaughtering animals in the basement was part of the curriculum.

But in 1965, a different type of blood was shed. As the legend goes, meat laboratory manager Roy Simms was working in a room referred to back then as the meat lab.

"And apparently, [he] had a saw of some sort, a meat saw, an electric one that he was cutting up some meat and whatever and apparently it had slipped or whatever and apparently had cut his leg severely," said professor Fred Smeins.

Simms sliced into his femoral artery.

Some say he tried to make it up the basement stairs before bleeding to death. But retired Animal Sciences professor Dr. Gene King, who was on the scene 10 minutes later, has a slightly different story.

Dr. King said Simms never made it out of the meat lab. Apparently he had sent a worker up stairs to get some help, but died before the ambulance arrived.

Simms may have died, but some say his spirit is still there.

"Even with the door stop, the whole door just closes randomly and we're all just sitting there and we all joke around because you know, it's an old building," said student Chad Laprelle.

For some, the legend is nothing but folk lore.

However, visit Cushing Library on campus and you'll find an entire folder filled with records of unexplained sightings and noises in the Animal Industries Building.

"Sometimes when I'm up here studying, the bathrooms are down stairs and I'm just too scared to come down. Sometimes you here some noises," said student Brandon Green.

Others, like Smeins, choose not to believe.

"I don't, but I could be proven wrong by someone with more direct experience," said Smeins.

While standing in the former meat lab, psychic Sally Jaster said, "Somewhere in this small circle or area is where the accident took place. This is where the psychic energy is the strongest."

Jaster said Simms does haunt the basement.

"Would you give us a sign Roy? We know you're here. We'd just like to speak with you," said Jaster.

She added, "This is not an evil spirit, this is just someone who died tragically and doesn't know that he is dead, and he remains here because he's sort of on the work cycle."

Ghost Hunter Cathi Bunn and her two investigators also went searching for Simms. With night vision cameras in hand, the team set out to catch evidence of Simms' spirit on camera.

"The beam will shoot out onto the energy or entity and it will send back the form of what it's hitting," said Bunn.

Within an hour, Bunn had evidence of seven energy orbs along with a six degree temperature drop.

But, it's up to you to decide what you want to believe.

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