Discussions Soon on Neighborhood Integrity in CS

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Neighborhood integrity was the hot topic of discussion at College Station city council workshop Monday afternoon.

City staff members and representatives from the Texas A&M Student Senate vowed to work together and with all community stakeholders in order to come up with a long-term set of guidelines.

Aggie representatives pointed out that more than half of the city's regular population is made up of students, and that nearly 60 percent of housing in College Station is non-family.

Among the issues to be discussed are the number of unrelated residents who can live in a home. Bryan has given neighborhoods the option of changing zoning classifications in order to regulate how many unrleated people can live in a home.

Also, students have said they want to try and play a bigger role in curbing code enforcment violations.

Once the stakeholders are identified and appointed, workshops will likely be held in January and February, with staff hopeful to present recommendations to the city by March.