Last Minute Shopping

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Time is running out to get those gifts under the tree. But there are those who may just now be getting started.

Mother and daughter, Cindy Erwin and Jennifer White, are braving the crowds, for some last minute gift buying. The mall can get hectic, and that's exactly what Jennifer loves.

"I really like the crowds. I like the Christmas Season and I like the hustle and bustle and sales and excitement," said Jennifer.

But mom, Cindy doesn't welcome the crowds.

"The crowds, I don't like it. I don't like the traffic, it gets worse. It's the traffic and the parking that I really don't like," said Cindy.

But many people choose to wade through the traffic and muddle through the masses in search of that last minute gift or stocking stuffer.

One thing that last minute shoppers may want to be mindful of is how much they can actually afford to spend because over spending now can lead to big problems later.

Wright says, "Budgeting is probably the biggest factor. Just thinking ahead, how much I'm going to spend on each individual and then to stick with that budget."

Financial advisor, Ernie Wright, says sticking to a tight budget during the holidays helps to build a successful financial future. Cindy says she tries to stay conscious of her spending, but sometimes her giving spirit takes over.

"I like to give as much as I can give. Of course I do have to watch it to a certain degree. I probably spend more than I should," said Cindy.

Some thrifty consumers prefer to wait until the couple of days before Christmas to begin their shopping because that's when some stores have big sales. Most stores will be closing early on Christmas Eve, but you can be sure that there are some who will wait until that 11th hour.