Does It Work: Tater Mitts

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You have probably heard the saying "the third time is a charm," but did that hold true with this week's does it work product?

The Tater Mitts claim to peel a potato in just eight seconds, but do they really work? We took the product to C&J Barbeque in Bryan to find out.

Restaurant manager Justin Manning was eager to see if the Tater Mitts were all they claimed to be.

"It looks like it is a very smart little product," Manning said. "I think it will work very fine, very quick and easy."

However, instead of judging a book by its cover, Justin dug right in.

The product says to simply rub the potato with a few quick strokes under cold water for eight seconds.

We started the timer and when time was up, some of the skin still remained.

However, with a little more scrubbing and a little more time the thinnest layer of the potato was gone.

"It's still faster than a potato peeler," Manning said.

It was also safer and cleaner.

"I don't think it really got done in eight seconds, but I still think it is faster than a potato peeler," Manning said. "You didn't have to worry about cutting your fingers, it cleans up easy, doesn't leave those big strips of potato that are hard to get down the drain."

From a scale of one to five, one being the worst, Justin gave the Tater Mitts a four.

So, for $14.99, these gloves may be the stocking stuffer you are looking for.