Capital Murder Trial Continues

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The capital murder trial that shocked a small Grimes County community continues.

The state is still calling witnesses and Friday medical and law enforcement experts were called to the stand.

The double homicide in Singleton almost two years ago is still making headlines in Grimes County.

The trial against accused murderer Sherry Smith that began this week is far from over.

Prosecutors have used the testimony of friends to paint Smith as a premeditated, cold-blooded killer.

They're arguing Smith killed her husband Kerry Smith and elderly father-in-law Charles for money.

Prosecutors allege she had the help of her ex-husband.

Two home health care nurses testified Friday that Smith was neglecting her father-in-law's health needs and that he was deteriorating as a result.

One of the nurses testified there was a lot of tension within the Smith house and that Sherry resented her role as a caretaker.

She also said Smith bragged that one day all of the money and land would be hers.

Detectives also took the stand showing graphic pictures of the crime scene to the jury.

The much anticipated testimony of Smith's ex-husband Daniel Gardener will not come until next week.

He entered into a plea bargain with the state to testify against his ex-wife.