Two Women Compete for Brenham City Council

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Nov. 5 was the first day to file for two vacancies on the Brenham City Council, but it seems just one of those races, the one formed by the most unexpected and immediate vacancy, has drawn attention of two of the town's most prominent women.

Long time Brenham resident Carla Cole filed to run for City Council Ward 4.

It's a position her husband Richard Chinnock held until his recent death.

"He would read, he would study, he would research, he would ask questions and get answers and prepare things to be brought before council," says Cole.

Cole only wants to work the remainder of Chinnock's term, which will end in May. She admits campaigning is the last thing she wants to do at a time like this, but feels the council needs her kind of experience right now.

"I really think I bring something to the table that nobody else does and that is just being able to be most effective, most productive, most immediately," says Cole.

Brazilian native Lete Phillips is also on the ballot.

She enters the race as a businesswoman deeply involved in the community and wears the title "Woman of the Year" by the Washington County Chamber of Commerce.

"I love this community, I have been here for about 30 years and I just have a passion for Brenham," says Phillips.

Phillips owns a fitness center in town and feels she has what it takes to fill the vacancy.

"I know a lot of people in Brenham, I think that is going to be very helpful because I want to be a voice between the city hall and the community," says Phillips.

But, the voices of voters need to be heard first. On Dec. 11 it will be up to Brenham residents who, of these two very admired women, is most suited for the job.

Dave Barr and Keith Herring have so far filed to run for the second vacancy, City Council Ward 1.