Bonfire Memorial Nears Completion

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With just a few last touchups to do, the Aggie Bonfire Memorial is nearly complete, and the first visitors are visiting the impressive, serene site.

"We're hoping that people will come early and visit, and then leave for the people who are out of town a chance to visit it," said Dr. George Rogers, co-chairman of the Bonfire Memorial Dedication Committee.

At the entrance of the memorial are two walls. On the first, a quote from "The Spirit of Aggieland" reading, "There's a spirit can ne'er be told." The second wall has the poem, "The Last Corps Trip," enscribed in the granite.

Turn the corner, and you're on History Walk, with 89 stones representing each year of bonfire. A notch eleven-twelfths of the way down on each stone marks the burn in the eleventh month of each year. Three blocks with unique notches represent the three students killed in previous bonfires, and there is no block for 1963, when the event was cancelled due to the death of John Kennedy.

At the end of walk lie 27 stones and 12 portals, each stone representing an Aggie injured, each portal representing a victim. Each portal faces towards their hometown and contains a portrait and words of remembrance for each person.

"When you finally realize that the portals are meant to represent a void left by the fallen Aggie that is filled by the visitor as they step through the portal, it's just very emotional for almost everybody that attends," said Rogers.

A small stone marks the exact site of the center pole. The stones encircling it mark the perimeter of that last stack.