Local Football Star Gives Back to Kids for Thanksgiving

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A former Bryan Viking, Texas Aggie and current New England Patriot has made some hometown kids a little happier this Thanksgiving.

The star defensive lineman paid for 100 boxes of Thanksgiving food from HEB, which were delivered to the Boys and Girls Club Tuesday afternoon. The value of the food is estimated at $6,000.

"This is something that Ty and I talked about even when he was in high school, about how he wanted to be an important part of this club when he got older," said Ron Rolett, the president of the local Boys and Girls Club. "All the things that Ty said in the past have come to fruition. It just shows the character of the young man."

The kids and their families aren't the only ones who benefit.

"One of the other things it does is it really pumps up our staff to let them know that a young person who has participated in the Boys and Girls Club comes back and gives back to their home club," Rolett said. "That's very important to our staff and our board."

Warren's giving spirit will also allow ten local kids with good grades and accomplishments to travel to New England in a couple of weeks to watch the Super Bowl champ and his Patriots play in Foxboro.