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Changes Around Town

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You may have noticed that it has been taking less time to get around Bryan/College Station lately. Well there's a good reason for that, something or someone is missing.

Employees at Sweet Eugene's House of Java are normally bumping into each other, busy getting coffee for tons of customers. But that hasn't been the case lately. Despite the cooler temperatures, they haven't had any warm bodies waiting line.

"It has definitely been slow," said Sweet Eugene's Owner, Matthew Brown.

That's because most of the over 50,000 college students that make up Bryan/College Station are gone for the holidays.

"The locals are aware of that and they come out whenever the student's leave, " said Brown.

Groups of students often go to the coffee shop to study and many customers say they are enjoying the extra space and the peace and quiet.

"You usually have to walk around about five minutes looking for a table, but now nobody's here and you can sit anywhere you want," said customer Damian Brown.

Sweet Eugene's isn't the only place where the action has died down. Now would be the perfect time to go get a tan. Many tanning salons lower their prices during this time and year and chances are you won't have to wait for a bed.

"Within a four hour shift, you probably have two to five people coming to tan. Usually when school is in session, you'll have anywhere from 50 to 100," said tanning salon employee, Luke Suster.

The strip of bars on University Drive known as North Gate is a popular spot for college night life. Managers say that although business has been slow, it is a little better than previous years.

The popular dance hall, Shadow Canyon, will actually be closed until the students return. While other North Gate establishments will keep their doors open until the college crowd culminates once again.

Most students will start to return around the second week in January.