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Viking Stadium Upgrades

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More than 30 years of football games have taken their toll at Viking Stadium at Bryan High School.

The list of needed improvements is a long one. Most pressing though is the need for more restrooms. Currently there are only 22 stalls to accommodate a stadium capacity of more than 10,000.

"We have very little restrooms for our drill squad or pep groups, bands, and kids like that as well as our visitors, they all have to share," says Harry Francis, Bryan's Assistant Athletic Director.

Other areas pressed for space include the press box, and concession stands. Administrators say these areas need to be expanded or renovated. There is also concern about the space in the weight rooms, holes and tears in the track and the foundation of the field house. The price tag to fix everything is more than $5 million. An amount most board members were surprised by and would like to see lowered. But they want to plan for the future as well.

"I think the additions to the restrooms and things like that are essential. I think that reconstructing some of the field house area is needed so that we can accommodate two high schools," says board member Chris Peterson.

Overall the stadium looks pretty good. Most board members say they realize that some major repairs need to be done and now it's just a matter of determining how much money will be spent.

The board has the option of including some of the costs in next year's bond election or using money that is already in the budget.