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Castlegate Could Be Getting a New Addition

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Residents in a fairly new subdivision in College Station are trying to put a stop to possible traffic collisions. Castlegate could be receiving a new addition to one of their intersections.

Josephine Arias has lived in the Castlegate subdivision for several years and says, "Since people have moved in, it has become more congested and I think we need a four-way stop."

Everytime she drives through the intersection from her house, she says it’s an accident waiting to happen.

Arias adds, "I take off and I look and go oh my god, so I have to go a bit faster, cause the car is right behind me."

Castlegate homeowners association requested the city do a speed and sight distance study to find out if a four way stop should be put at the intersection of Castlegate Drive at Ravenstone and Kendal Green Circle. Currently, it has a two way stop with traffic flowing heavily in the late afternoon and weekends, with a park nearby.

Troy Rother, with College Station Public Works says, "If you're traveling 30 mph around that corner, technically there's not enough distance for you to see an obstacle or a car pulling out from the intersection. It doesn't allow enough time for you to stop."

The intersection doesn't meet the criteria for a four way stop. But because of the sight distance issues, the city felt it necessary to look into having one installed, not only for the traffic reasons but for the safety of the residents. The issue will be discussed at Tuesday's city council meeting.

If the city decides to pass the traffic ordinance. The four way stop could be in place by the end of this week.