Cutting the Calories in Your Thanksgiving Feast

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Thanksgiving is all about giving thanks, but it is also about the food.
But with so many tasty options it is no wonder many people walk away feeling more stuffed than the turkey.

So before you butter up that Butterball, health experts have some calorie cutting advice on how to stay trim, and eat all the trimmings too.

"A lot of the recipes can be lightened a lot by cutting back on the butter that you use," Dietitian Lindsey Hines said.

Hines says shoppers need to look for ways to eat the foods they love at a fraction of the calories.

"Pumpkin pie would be something better than something like pecan pie because it will have less calories, " Hines said.

According to the Caloric Control Council, people on average consume more than 4,000 calories on Thanksgiving alone. That's about twice the amount of the daily recommended value. Which is why many people put on the pounds over the holidays.

"I think some people in anticipation of eating such a big meal, they don't eat anything for the whole day," Hines said. "So make sure you eat some breakfast so you're just not completely starved by the time the big meal comes around."

Health experts say the best advice they can offer this holiday is: don't go overboard.

"All foods can fit into a healthy diet, so moderation is the biggest thing we try to tell people," Hines said. "So watch your serving sizes and then when you're full stop."