DPS Urges Thanksgiving Drivers to Obey Traffic Laws

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Rising gas prices and fears of air delays aren't stopping millions of Americans from travelling over the holidays.

Triple A predicts more than 31 million travelers will hit the roads this year.

As these Thanksgiving drivers hit the roadways, all available Texas Highway Patrol troopers will be looking for drivers who are endangering themselves and others.

Troopers are participating in Operation Care, a nationwide effort to reduce traffic fatalities.

"They will be looking for those traffic laws violations that are direct contributing factors to traffic collisions such as speeding, either over the limit or driving too fast for the conditions," Trooper Eddie Carmon with the Texas Department of Public Safety says. "Also they'll be looking for violations such as driving under the influence or driving while intoxicated and the restraint law violations."

DPS also advices motorists to avoid habits that lead to road rage, like not using traffic signals and driving in the passing lane.

During the Wednesday through Sunday Thanksgiving period last year, DPS troopers wrote 16,794 citations for speeding and 607 for driving while intoxicated, plus 41 for minors driving under the influence. They also wrote 2,390 citations for seat belt violations and 282 for child restraint violations. DPS has a no warning policy for seat belt and child restraint violations.